Cattle Illness Identification
Total Mixed Ration
Boost Performance
Cattle Tracking Software

Illness Identification

Early detection of illness is one of the most important benefits that our platform can offer farmers. Our software tracks your animal's daily activities and identifies abnormalities early to give you more time to take proactive actions.

Improved Dietary Advice

Connecting your expensive automated feeding systems to a defined animal performance output is critical for honing in on your optimium diet.

Reduce Costs

Breed, age, sex, diet, nutrition, conditions and time of sale are all variables which are easily managed by our software. BovineHub insights will save you money!

Advanced Decision Making

Sell your stock at exactly the right time. Our data provides you with confidence that you are selling your animals just when they have reached their full potential.


Beef Cattle Management Software


Data collected by the BovineHub is transmitted to the cloud, analyzed and sent directly to your computer.

Our cattle tracking software auto-generates graphs to present both individual animal weights and combined herd weights - enabling you to make strategic livestock management decisions. This is Digital Farming.

Cattle Tracking Software