Bovine Hub

Our Flagship DataHub is the electronics and multi-network communication device that enables out livestock weighing systems.


  • Durable Panel Plastic - Protects any wiring from moisture and harsh weather conditions.

  • Status Indicator - Informs users of the current status of the BovineHub.

  • Communication Enclosure - Handles all of the data in and out of the BovineHub.

  • Load Cell Inputs - Weigh data input from the weighing platform.

  • Large RFID Antenna - Long range RFID antenna ensures animals are all identified.

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  • Rugged Steel Frame - Supplied with/without protective steel frame.

  • Precision Water Meter - Precisely measures animal specific water consumption.

  • Water Input - Just connect your water source to the DataHub and we manage the rest.

Additional Features

  • BovineHub software available with purchase

  • Smart-Zero functionality

  • Bluetooth diagnostics app

  • Internal auto diagnostics functionality

  • Portable option with wheels available*

  • Water shortage notification

  • BovineHub solar panel add-on

Mechanical Specifications

  • 2G/3G cellular communication

  • 4 week battery life (without solar panel)

  • IP68 rated electronics

  • Input power: 5v Micro USB

  • Auto calibration functionality

  • Auto ranging antenna functionality.

Physical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 650 x 450 x 150mm

  • IP68 rated components


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