The BovineHub represents the latest technology in livestock weighing systems and enables advanced beef analytics through our cattle tracking software platform. This allows you to track your animals' performance and make decisions that are based on real data. We believe this is the future of Digital Farming.


  • 100% automatic - System requires zero manual input and can work continuously for months without maintenance.

  • Portable - Operates on GSM communications, so you can place anywhere on your farm and not worry about connections.

  • Solar Panel - Self sufficient energy source ideal for outdoor use.

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  • Rubber Mat - Provides animals with extra comfort.

  • Solid Base - Solid aluminium base ensures accurate readings while minimising corrosion.​​

  • Stainless Steel Trough - Stainless steel for added water hygiene.

  • Rugged Steel Frame - Capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions.

Additional Features

  • BovineHub software available with purchase

  • Smart-Zero functionality

  • Bluetooth diagnostics app

  • Internal auto diagnostics functionality

  • Portable option with wheels available*

  • Water shortage notification

  • BovineHub solar panel add-on

Mechanical Specifications

  • 2G/3G cellular communication

  • 4 week battery life (without solar panel)

  • IP68 rated electronics

  • Input power: 5v Micro USB

  • Auto calibration functionality

  • Auto ranging antenna functionality.

Physical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 2,500 x 990 x 850 (L x W x H)

  • 6,000Kg load capacity

  • IP68 rated components

  • Weight: 120Kg


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